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Container field: PDF Optimize for Image will not work if data comes from offline device

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User inserts pdf on the offline device.

The container is set to Optimize for Images

User can see the first page of the pdf in the container (as an image)

After the user synced, the same container field on the server will display the file name instead of the image of the first page.

Is there a way to fix this ?


Mirrorsync 4


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A little more info about the issue

When the pdf file is inserted in the device you can see this info in the container attributes

Filename: .pdf
Storage Type: Embedded
MD5: FAE885A65D413D76CE03826013DCA437
File Size: 24038
Internal Size: 235318
External Size: 0
External Files: 0

Width: 792
Height: 612 

If I take the .fmp12 from the device and load it in filemaker pro, I still can see the same attributes and the container preview.

On the server, after a sync, the container [image] attributes are no longer there and the container will not preview the pdf file . 

I guess it's related to the fact that mirrorsync is using base64 instead of the filemaker insert file function.

I would say that it's more a filemaker problem than a mirrorsync one.

Now, if someone has an idea how to get back those attributes I would not mind adding  code post sync to fix this.



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