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In this episode, we are joined by a very special guest, Nick Orr from Goya, in Australia (https://goya.com.au). Nick is the creator of BaseElements, a FileMaker analysis tool which has been around since 2006 and which is one of the preeminent analysis tools for FileMaker developers. We’re also joined by our regular guest Marc Larochelle from Productive Computing (https://www.ProductiveComputing.com). Marc has created a dedicated course for BaseElements available at Productive Computing University (https://www.ProductiveComputingUniversity.com) and brings his personal experience and expertise with this tool into the mix. Yes, we are talking a lot about BaseElements itself, but the conversation is far reaching and fascinating.

We believe that every FileMaker developer should be using an analysis tool whether it be BaseElements (www.baseelements.com.au) or Inspector Pro from Beeswax (https://www.beezwax.net/products/inspector-pro) or FMPerception (www.geistinteractive.com). These tools will help your development and allow you to find errors and unused elements in your code that would otherwise be easily overlooked. They are well worth the price of admission.

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