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TimeStamp Field for MirrorSync

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Hello all,

first of all, I would like to apologise in advance in case my question has already need raised and answered.

I'm preparing my database to be synced server-to-server and, as per instructions, I've created TimeStamp Fields for both creation and update of a record. However, given records are already existing, do I need to calculate the new fields or can I leave them blank assuming they will be updated (at least for Update Field) by using the database ? 

thank you for your answers.

kind regards


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Hi Ian,


 It is probably best if you did not have pre-existing Creation Time Stamps and Modification Time Stamps to perform a calculation to fill in the fields for pre-existing records.  Simply using the database is not necessarily going to fill those time stamp fields in.  For example, if you have 100 records and during use you modify 50 of them, you still would have 50 records that do not hold information in their modification time stamp field, as they have not been modified.  


Generally, if you are using FileMaker tables are automatically generated with a Creation Time Stamp and a modification timestamp.  If those are still intact, you could work with them.  If you are not using a FileMaker solution for your server to server, or if you deleted those fields, you would need to make your own. I hope this is helpful information!


If you encounter errors as you set up your sync, I would recommend submitting directly to our support team, either with email or a Problem Report.  You can submit a problem report from your MirrorSync launch page in a browser, or you can send emails to support@360works.com. 

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