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Dual setup with Single Production setup

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I have a current standard setup with a development server in one location and a Production in a second.  This is a single file Deploy setup.  We are about to go live with a QuickBooks.  Once in production,  I will have to continue development of the QuickBooks setup.  This becomes a two file deployment with the Development server and Production server being the same server.

Will this work?  What does it do to the licensing setup and Cost?  We would be continuing to use the current two server setup most of the time with use of the Single server setup.  Depending on the day only one of these would be used on any specific day.


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Hi Bruce,

This sounds like it will become a multifile solution with one destination(production) server so it is within the license limits of an Express or Enterprise level license. You should be able to reset your 360Deploy record here and then deploy with a new set of files. Resets can only be done once every 30 days. After the reset, you'll need to modify the configuration so that it includes the additional file and then run a deployment. After deploying both files, you can run deployments for any subset of that set without having to reset. If you have any issues with modifying the deployment, please send an email to support@360works.com

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So just to clarify what has to happen:

On the Production server:

  • Set up the development files
  • Install the 360 Deploy.fmp12 file
  • Reset the 360Deploy record
  • Configure 360Deploy.fmp12 for both files
  • Deploy

On the Development server:

  • Add the second file
  • Install a copy of the 360 Deploy.dmp12 file from the Production server
  • Update the 360 Deploy development configuration for the correct files.
  • When Running Deploy only update the main file.

Does this sound correct?



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Hi Bruce, 

For the Production server:

  • The development files only need to be on the development server and 360Deply will push them to production server. If they already exist on the Production server, 360Deploy should remove them and then rename the new file the name of the Production file.  
  • The 360Deploy.fmp12 file does not necessarily need to be on either server unless that is where you want to run the file from, else you can run the deployment from the 360Deploy.fmp12 file on any machine that has Filemaker Pro installed and can reach the dev and production server over the internet.
  • You can reset the deploy license from any machine using that URL, it is tied to your license key. This just needs to be done prior to running the deployment that is set up with the second file.

For the Dev Server:

  • add the second file

Once you have the second file on your dev server, edit your configuration in the 360Deploy.fmp12 file you are already using and add that file or you can start fresh with a new copy and set it the configuration fresh. Once you have edited or recreated the config and have reset your records, run the deployment. Let us know if you have any questions! 

As a heads up, we will be closed tomorrow and Friday for Christmas so after today, we wont be available for support until Monday.

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