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Avoiding records to be edited on a related file

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Is this possible???

To have the main file maximized on your screen and to have your related file(s), not minimized at the bottom and under your main one, but completely out of sight, working "in the background".?????

I'm looking for a way to avoid users to edit records on an appendable related file.

This is the actual situation:

In the "Access privileges / Define Passwords" window I am establishing the following privileges ONLY:

-- Browse records ALL

-- Create records

-- Print records

-- Export records

-- Available menu commands: NONE

-- Disconnect from server....

This user needs to allow records to be created onto the file via main file script, but he should NOT be able to edit them. With the above defined privileges he will not be able to edit those records that ware created BEFORE this file was last opened, but he can edit those records that ware created SINCE the file was opened.

Any one has an idea to work this around??


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Completely out of sight, like on the Mac? I think the display of minimized files is a Windows feature that can't be avoided. On the Mac the option is "Hide", which really does hide the files not in the foreground.

FM 5.5 and 6.0 allow record by record control of Browsing, Editing, and Deleting based upon a calculation, should be what you need. From your description, you are probably on 5.0.


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Thanks for your help Brent

I will try your option.

Finally this morning I found another way: in the only layout the user may see data, open the "format field" window and disable "allow input". It works perfect.

Thank you once again


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It's true that hiding file windows (as opposed to just minimising them) is not a standard feature of FMP, however there are a number of plug-ins which provide added functionality which can assist in achieving the kind of security you are looking for.

The first which springs to mind is a freeware offering from Protolight called 'Display toolbox'. Details and free downloads are avalable online from:


A couple of other plug-ins with some related functionality which you might also like to take a look at are 'SecureFM' from New Millennium Communications:


and 'WindowUtility' from Practicemaker:


both of which offer a range of features which you might find relevant to the issue you raised.

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This topic is 6533 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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