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Microsoft Teams and Filemaker

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Hello, I have created a report in Filemaker 17 that pulls data into it from other relational (fmp) databases. My issue is that I want my managers to be able to review their particular reports via teams. I am currently uploading a new PDF every day but I'd like it to be "live" and for their access to be limited to just selecting their button which is scripted to bring up their report. I am no expert in any type of integration, I am fairly comfortable with Filemaker, I have been using it since version 3, but not utilizing it outside of itself.

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1) you can add an "IncomingWebhook" app to a Team channel
2) this will provide you with a URL to use to trigger the Webhook
3) you can use InsertFromURL script step in FileMaker to push a json payload to the webHook
4) this results in a message, in the Teams channel, with the pre-configured json payload being rendered however you wish
5) that json payload can contain a button, tied to a URI, that when clicked, launches a webpage
6) Teams doesn't allow any protocols other than http, so you can't directly use a FMP URL, but you can host a webpage that redirects the user to a FMP URL
7) that FMP URL can trigger a script to do anything you wish (within CWP restraints)

This automatically sends a Teams message to a designated channel, either from a user triggered script in FileMaker or from a server scheduled script, and the Teams message has a button that when clicked, takes the user to FileMaker and shows them a specific record on a specific layout.

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