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Pretty much all over the world you'll find technology which can scan barcodes. Smartphones with cameras just waiting to scan either their very first, or even their 1000th barcode scan. With just over a decade since the first iPhone came out, it's pretty hard to not find a use case where a barcode can help you retire some antiquated manual process. Barcodes can be used almost anywhere to make faster and/or easier solutions.

Given that FileMaker Go supports all major barcode types, you simply need a method for creating your own barcodes within FileMaker. In 2017 I created an article about using a free JavaScript library called QRious and in this article I bring you an updated implementation plus a new library with the inclusion of how you can secure your own barcode content.

If you're ever in the need of making sure that the barcode you're scanning has originated from your FileMaker solution then you'll find the know-how you need within this video and the associated file. The additional JavaScript library I've discovered is also a great enhancement if you need vector based barcodes with support for unicode characters which are not supported by QRious. Need anything to do with QR barcodes? Check this video out!

Click the title or link to this article to view the video.

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