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Hi all,

so I have 2 tables CUSTOMER and CONTACT,  in the contact one of them is listed as "billing" contact (it's a simple yes or no field ).

I have a form that prints showing customer information (Name, address, phone # ...) and I would like to have the contact that is listed as "BILLING" contact to appear on the form ....

How would I go about this one ... 

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You could put a one-row portal to Contacts on your layout, filter it to show only records that have "yes" in the Billing field, and place the fields you want to show in this portal.

However, your current arrangement is flawed: if a customer can have only one billing contact, then the identity of the billing contact is a property of the customer and should be recorded in a BillingContactID field in the Customers table. Then you can define a relationship to another occurrence of the Contacts table matching BillingContactID to ContactID, and place field from this occurrence directly onto your layout. Or you could still use a filtered portal - but I think you will need the relationship for other things too.

P.S. For Boolean fields, it is much better to use a Number field with 1 for True and 0 or empty for False. If you like, you can format such field to display as Yes/No. 


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