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Adding SVG graphic files to FM in Windows 10


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As we all know, FM's collection of SVG files available for button icons is rather limited. Having found others outside that set that match my needs, I've hit a roadblock for how to add them in.  There is no import function, at least none that I can find. Nor can I simply copy and paste the files to the correct folder, which is located under the Windows Programs subfolder which prohibits manual file editing or pasting.

Does anyone have a workaround?




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It sounds like you are trying to add custom icons to the FMP application. I don't know if that's possible and I would be reluctant to try and hack the application file.

The "official" way to use custom icons is to add them to a solution file. When you format a button or a button bar, click the + button underneath the icons gallery. Then select the icon file to insert. Once you have done that, the inserted icon will become available to all buttons/button bars in the current file.

Keep in mind that the custom icon must conform to Filemaker's requirements:


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