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I implemented the latest version of MirrorSync on a new system. Since we don't need to include fields that we want to sync on the sync layouts, how do we exclude fields.

Does MirrorSync assume you want all fields if there are none on the layout? If I put some on the layout, will it only sync those fields?

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Hi Jason!

In the screen where you select the sync direction, there is a choice there to either sync all fields in the table, or all fields on the layout. If you pick the all fields in table option, then it makes no difference what is on the layout - you can have fields or not, it will always sync all of them (but BE SURE to not have any script triggers on that layout).

If you pick the second option, then it will only sync fields on the layout. So if you want to limit which fields sync, put all the fields you want on the layout and then pick the option to only sync fields on the layout.

--Jesse Barnum

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Hey Jesse,

As a follow up question... 

I have a config setup that automatically syncs all fields in the tables and there are currently NO actual fields on the layouts that MirrorSync uses. I have two devices out in the field that are currently using that configuration.

If I were to go into the configuration on the server and change it so that it only syncs the fields that are on the layout and I add the fields that I want to the MIrrorSync layouts in the hosted database, can those two devices that are out in the field still sync without any errors? If so, would they sync ALL fields in the table, or only the fields on the layout in the hosted database?

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