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email URL link to new record

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Hey All,

Quick question. Has anyone come up with a solution or know of a solution that would allow FM to automatically email a predefined list of recipients the URl to a newly created record?

For example. I have a database called meeting minutes. When new minutes are added to the database I would like an email to be sent to all those involved with the project that would conain a link pointing to a format file that would contain those minutes. In essence, it would have to display the find criteria, similar to the email you receive if you are sent an Evite.


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Hi, an easy method is to embed a hidden mail form into the new record reply page.

If you Give the user the chance to review his submission with an 'amend' (link to record detail to revise it) and an OK button which is the mail post.

I tend to use a mail cgi instead of the filemaker mailer because it's more flexible, but the principle's just the same.

Use Filemaker fields to populate your message.

Embed a search string with either the record serial number or current record ID to let them get to that record.


<FORM ACTION="http://www.myserver.com/cgi-bin/forms.acgi" METHOD=POST enctype="x-www-form-encoded">

<P><INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=message VALUE="[FMP-Field:meeting_stuff]" WRAP=virtual></P>

<P><INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=link VALUE="http://myserver.com/folderpath/FMPro?-db=thedatabase&-Format=record_detail.html&-error=error.html&-lay=layout1&-op=eq&recordnumber=[FMP-Field:recordnumber]&-Find"></P>

<P><INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="*mailto" VALUE="[FMP-Field:recipients_email]">

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="*smtphost" VALUE="mailout.myserver.com">

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="*header" VALUE=[FMP-Field:mail_title]>

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="*mailfrom" VALUE="[FMP-Field:sentby_email]"><INPUT TYPE=submit NAME=Submit VALUE="Mail">


........You can assemble this stuff as a calculation field in FileMaker to make the html less messy

A note of warning: If you embed a long FileMaker URL into an email, some clients, like MS Outlook won't link from it if the url wraps to a second line - the recipient will have to cut and paste.

regards, Jeff

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This topic is 6688 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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