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Updated Configs with Copies in the Field

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(I posted this as a continuation of my previous thread but realized it may have gotten buried so I'm starting it as a new thread)

I have a config setup that automatically syncs all fields in the tables and there are currently NO actual fields on the layouts that MirrorSync uses. I have two devices out in the field that are currently using that configuration.

If I were to go into the configuration on the server and change it so that it only syncs the fields that are on the layout and I add the fields that I want to the MIrrorSync layouts in the hosted database, can those two devices that are out in the field still sync without any errors? If so, before downloading a fresh copy... would they sync ALL fields in the table as was originally configured, or only the fields on the layout in the hosted database?



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I can't say that I've specifically tested that exact sequence of events, but the intention is that it should work. Reducing the sync to only the fields on the layout, and adding those fields on only the hub copy, should cause that subset of fields to be synced with existing offline copies made prior to the hub changes.

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Ha! No problem, Jesse. That's a pretty specific scenario!

The reason I'm in this position is because it's challenging to get these specific devices updated with fresh copies of the system. I'm running into a lot of conflicts because I have a few fields that are being updated by the system an a recurring basis so I'm trying to limit the fields that get sync'd without having to push a new copy out.

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