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Barcode Add-on (recoding records)

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I am having a hard to getting my head around how to make this work. The ad on works great and I can get it to regenerate a code in the client via one record at a time. However if we decide to change the settings of the barcode and want to "regenerate" them all? I thought ok cool I Will just run a loop through all the records and call the script. however because it sets the web viewer those are called as scripts to be ran after the main and just "pile up" waiting to be ran once the script with the loop is done. any ideas on how to get around this?

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Then I don't know. I am still on v.18 so I cannot use add-ons, but I managed to reproduce the issue using a script run via the FMP URL protocol. Inserting a pause in the looping script solved the problem.

What exactly does your looping script do to trigger the other script?


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The loop script simply calls the add on script on each record. It then calls a script that sets a webviewer, that fires off another script. However that script just gets stacked to the end of the primary script.

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