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Move to subfolder - what happens to RC_Data_FMS?

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Hi all

I have moved one of my databases (MessageObjects) to a subfolder (ContainerData) on FMS. I only moved the fmp12 file. FMS seems to have automatically created an RC_Data_FMS folder within ContainerData, and within it, there is a folder called MessageObjects. However in the root folder, where MessageObjects originally was, there is still, within the RC_Data_FMS folder, a MessageObjects folder.

This isn't an issue as none of MessageObject's container data is stored externally. However I want to move another database to a different subfolder, and this one does have a lot of externally stored container fields.

What is the best way to go about this? Just move the FMP12 file, or move both it and the corresponding RC_Data_FMS subfolder?


I managed to work it out by looking at the container data options within the database. I saw that it's all relative. So I just moved the database and corresponding RC_Data_FMS folder to the new subfolder and it was fine.


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