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Extracting System Paths - Media Archiving

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In the process of creating a simple media archiving database I found I had used the same skill twice because of how FileMaker returns data from certain functions. Hence, I decided to provide you with my simple little start to a Media Archiving solution.

Simply, it asks for a folder, then pulls the paths to all files from the selected, and enclosed, folders into the database. It's really a pretty simple thing because it's managed with one simple function from the BaseElements plug-in.

However, not all simple things are that simple. There are many things you need to account for when importing something from an external file and how you go about addressing things like prompting a user for a required plug-in. Regardless of whether you're needing a media archiving solution or not, there's always something more you can learn about working with FileMaker in order to accomplish your desired goals.

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