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Batch export multi .fmp12 file


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I have to export a folder containing several .fmp12 files as .csv files with the same order of the headings and the same name + suffixe.

(ex : #135_2021_06_08_DATA_MAT.fmp12  => #135_2021_06_08_DATA_MAT_export.csv)

Is there  a way to do this or may I have to import all the .fmp12 files in ONE.

I'm very newby with FMP but I try. 

Thanks a lot for your help.

NB: All the .fmp12 files come from FIleMaker GOand are created each day

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I don't think it can be done from within FMP. At least not without a plugin. 

If this is on macOS, you could perhaps use AppleScript to automate this. But you would need to have the export script included in each of those data files.

Perhaps you should look for a better way to pass this data from A to B (the exact chain is not clear from your question).

Please update your profile to reflect your version and OS so that we know what you can use.


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