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How Do I get blank lines to slide up on Labels

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Can anyone help me to get rid of blank lines when printing out labels. I have used setup to enable sliding/printing upwards but it doesn't seem to make any difference when I print the labels as there are still blank lines in the addresses.

Please help!!!!!!!

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If they are blank lines from somebody pressing the return key in the field, sliding/printing won't get rid of them. You need to edit the data.

Blank lines have tricked me in the past...

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I once experienced on printing labels on a Windows machine that there occured blank lines in an address field where there was absolutely no error to find. On mac it was ok. I do not remember if it were merge fields or 'normal' fields.

But most likely it is a Return problem, as said. When you have address fields you let it show one line, and if for example a street name is closed with a return, (and after that TAB or ENTER) you don't see that, only when you click on the field.

When this kind of input-inconsistency often occurs (multiple newbie users..) it might be an idea to write some kind of consistency script, checking the fields that normally do not have returns in them, for returns.


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This topic is 6542 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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