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Script not running properly

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 I have recently moved my 360works email to the server and am trying to run the email script on the server side. It didn't seem to work although it did say it "succeeded". I did have some import steps from one table to another which I learned doesn't work on the server (that will be a separate topic) so I stripped all the parsing and importing parts of the script and just left section that downloads the emails and creates new records in an email table I have. 

I scheduled it to run several times a day and it ran well the first time but then the second time it ran for about a minute and said "succeeded" but did not download any emails. I stopped the server and restarted as I thought maybe I edited the script before the second running. And it ran fine the first time then did the same thing the second. 

Every time I restart the server it runs fine, but only once. The second scheduled time it says it ran successfully but no emails. When I look in the event log, I see a lot of entries when it runs correctly recording various stages but when it doesn't I get 4 lines.

2021-08-26 06:00:00.381 -0700    Information    148    FTSI-FMS-VM    Schedule "Download Emails 6am" running.
2021-08-26 06:00:00.381 -0700    Information    689    FTSI-FMS-VM    Schedule "Download Emails 6am" has started FileMaker script "Fetch Messages Server".
2021-08-26 06:00:01.663 -0700    Information    150    FTSI-FMS-VM    Schedule "Download Emails 6am" completed.
2021-08-26 06:00:01.663 -0700    Information    126    FTSI-FMS-VM    Schedule "Download Emails 6am" scheduled for 08/27/2021 06:00 AM.

Below I have attached a screen shot of the script. If anyone can help shed any light on why it would run ok the first time but not the second, please let me know. Thanks in advance, hopefully it's something simple that I just don't know about. 







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Please ignore the above post and forgive me my ignorance. 

I did not set a script line to register the plugin. My schedule ran it every 3 hours which is the time limit of the plugin's free version. If you restart the server/machine, it resets the clock and gives you another 3 hours. I added the line to register email when it runs the script and it is now working perfectly

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