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displaying in portal based on a value

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i have 2 databases, one which has user,level,mid and another database (say db2) has only user.So i setup portal relation between those 2 db's using user.

The field 'level' takes only 3 values say "1,2,3". i have three portals in db2.What i want is all which has level=1 should go to portal1 and level=2 goes to portal2 and so on.

how to do that?

Hope this makes sense



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To do what you want you will need to create three new calculating fields (result type = text) in your db2 file, with the formulae:

user & "1"

user & "2"

user & "3"


Then create a stored calculating field in db1 (result type = text) which has the formula:

user & level

Finally, create three separate relationships to db1 from within db2, one linking each of the new calculating fields in db2 to the calculating field in db1. Now assign one of these new relationships to each of your three portals.

That's it. Now all the entries for the same user in db1 which have a level of 1 will show in the first protal, level=2 in the second and level=3 in the third. Records for the current user in the db1 for which a level has not been specified (ie level=null) will not appear in any of the three portals.

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