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Can't change the Claris log is screen

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Hello all,

I hope I can explain this well enough. We are running Filemaker cloud 19 on windows. I have created a local opener file. It has one script which opens up the hosted file on the cloud. I put this file on everyone's computer so they don't have to open Filemaker, go to hosts and find the file. One click and it opens up the hosted file and the Claris log in screen pops up with their username and they just enter their password.

The log in screen is the issue. I have Filemaker set up on a computer in our conference room for collaboration, demos, presentations etc. Who ever is giving the presentation etc. is the one who logs in to the database (with varying levels of access). But when the Claris ID pops up, it is pre filled with my email (I set it up) and there is no place or mechanism I can see that will allow it to be changed. I have unchecked the box to allow credentials to be changed but that doesn't help. I don't see anything in the script steps that would sign me out of Claris. 

Does anyone know of a solution??

This isn't that critical because for now I have removed the opener file on that computer and they are clicking on Filemaker, file > hosts and opening it that way, as there is an option to sign out of Claris from that screen so they can enter their own email. But I would like to have the opener due to the convenience and I don't have to worry about someone asking me yet again to explain how to log in the long way. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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