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Issues Sending Emails


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Hi. So far, I have the AWS account all set up and everything seems to check out good. The Mail From is verified. The domain name is verified. I have the DNS settings in place. Yet, when I click to send a quick email test from the CloudMail document, it reports success....yet I do not receive the email at all.

Also, I could not find a quick way to view the history and results of the emails to find out what is happening with the emails that I am sending out.

Any suggestions?

Really needing help so I can get this going for my client.

Thanks for your help!


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Sorry I hadn't seen this message earlier and you haven't had any response so far. I hope you have had more luck and managed to sort it out. But if not...


Try sending a copy to yourself. You can BCC messages to a mailbox so that you have a record of all emails sent out.

Also, the email may just have got caught by a SPAM filter somewhere. I know that we had big problems for a while with getting Outlook to accept them.

Try sending the emails to an online SPAM checking tool like https://www.mail-tester.com - that might help.


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