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Portal & Relationship Database

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I have a (Main Database) that that uses relationships to fill in a Portal that is embedded in the Main Database

The portal (Dance Products) contains the products in the order.

The relationship link between the two databases is the Form ID Number. The Form ID Number is a number generated by our online ordering system.  (In my screen shots the form ID is 557)

The portal idea work well with one exception.

When there are multiple products entered that have the same Line Number the Portal only displays the first product ordered and does not display the rest of the products ordered

Question: How do you get the portal to display multiple products that have the same line number?

Is there a better way to make this work with out the use of a portal?





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Could you provide a simple way to reproduce the problem?

As a rule, a portal will show all related records. And any record that has a value that matches the parent's key value is related - no matter what values  other fields hold. So something is missing from your description: perhaps the portal is filtered, or perhaps it points to another table, or ... instead of guessing, let's see a simple file that shows the problem.


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Thanks for the quick response. Yes each portal is filtered by the product. (Ex. Packages, Specialty Items, Composites)

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