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How to replace an unstored calculation via script?

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I've seen quite frequently how having a lot of fields with unstored calculations may result in sluggish database performance. Most articles and forum posts I've found suggest using a script to set values instead of using a calculation field. The idea makes sense to me, but I'm a bit at a loss when it comes to how to implement such a change. I humbly request assistance with one of my simplest applications:

  • There are two tables: Product List, Issues
  • In a portal for the product list, I want to count the number of open issues per product.

As it stands now, I have a calculated field on the product list to count open issues on the Issues table. Because it's counting a related value, the calculation is unable to be stored. How would I convert this to a script or otherwise change the count to a stored value?

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You control any action that would require the field to be updated and script the change. Usually, this leads to the need for a transactional update because you are editing two records and you want to make sure that both edits happen successfully or it all rolls back. The classic video 


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