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Download links not working to generate new offline file

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I have a MirrorSync 5 install that has been running fine for a few years. I'm trying to push out new versions to a fleet of iPads. The links to download a new offline copy seem to be getting hung up. I let them go on a couple different iPads and after about 30 minutes, I cancelled the processes.

I restarted the server and was able to generate a new copy on one iPad after about six minutes. Then tried again and am back to being hung up again. I was using Safari to trigger the link and it would just spin. I tried on Chrome and eventually got a message that I haven't seen before "DBDownloader is too busy and was canceled."

Any insight on what could be causing this?

Unfortunately I'm not in a position to upgrade to MirrorSync 6 at this time. I will in the near future, but need to deploy this latest version of the database first and we have a lot of remote iPads that may not be able to update for a while.

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HI Jason - I'm not sure what's causing the hang, it sounds like maybe a thread deadlock. This has changed a lot in version 6.

You can always create offline copies by just temporarily closing the db with FMS admin, then download a copy, then open it back up. You can send that copy to as many people as you'd like, using DropBox or some other file sharing service. That's all I can think of, without upgrading to 6.

Hope you're doing well!

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Thanks, Jesse. You read my mind. I ended up posting a clone to dropbox for this release, and we're planning an upgrade to v.6 as soon as there's a break in the action and I can get some downtime on the system.

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