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Controlling visibility in Find Mode?

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Is there a way to have some buttons appear in a layout only when in Find Mode??

For example, an "omit" button.

Or a "perform find" button.

And the inverse... if I have next and previous buttons, how can I make them vanish

in Find Mode?

(In fact, I'd like those pairs to occupy the same space on screen... you see one or the other pair depending upon the mode. In both cases, the buttons need to be

transparent to show through the graphic object underneath.)

Can it be done?

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About three ways come to mind:

1) You can switch to a nearly identical layout in find mode, except with different buttons.

2) You can put the buttons in a container field and only fill the field with the "Find" button in find mode.

3) You can use a portal and a relationship to contain a "hide" the buttons (and other objects) when the relationship is invalid. To do this define two fields:

gShow (global, number)

One (calculation, number, indexed) = 1

Define a self relationship (from your file to the same file) with gShow on the left side and One on the right side. Place a one line portal with a transparent outline on your layout. Anything in the portal (except another portal) will be visible when gShow is 1 and invisible when gShow is empty.


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I'm assuming that you are in control of the entire navigation of this database...

If so, you can always hide the "Toggle Bar" and only open it while in Find Mode. You just have to make sure it's hidden through out the database. Here is the "Find Record" script that I use:

Toggle Status Area [show]

Allow User Abort [Off]


Enter Find Mode [Pause]

Perform Find [Replace Found Set]

if["Status(CurrentError) = 0"]

Toggle Status Area [Hide,Lock]

Exit Script


Show Message["Nothing was found with your request. Try Again or Cancel?"]

if["Status(CurrentMessageChoice) = 2]

Show All Records

Toggle Status Area [Hide,Lock]

Exit Script


if["Status(CurrentMessageChoice) = 1]

end if

end if

end if

End Loop

This script work perfectly for me... Try it out!



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This topic is 6473 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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