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How to specify username & password of an external FileMaker data source in a SSS?

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in a SSS on my FMS B, I try to access a password protected FileMaker file that is hosted on FMS A. Using a FM Pro client, I can simply type in the credentials when the script runs. However, accessing it from server B, I have no idea what to do.

This is an excerpt from the event log; not very helpful; but I believe the file cannot be accessed, because it is password protected:

2024-03-09 16:27:58.168 +0100    Information    645    xxx.local    Schedule "mMTag 01:01" scripting error (100) at "FileMaker : MTag : 41 : Perform Find".

What can I do?

Thanks a lot!


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I don’t understand how your suggestion applies to the problem, but in any case I don’t want to open jdbc or odbc on that server, just want to access a FileMaker hosted file on another server. Anyway, I’ve found a solution (see below):

OK, I’ve found the solution:

In order to run Server Scheduled Scripts (SSS) that access a remote FileMaker data base, you need to run this script with user credentials of a user that is identical in both databases.

Say, you want to run a SSS on FMS b) and this script accesses tables on FMS a), that are defined as a table occurance in the local relationships graph of b). For this SSS to run correctly, it is necessary that 1) both usernames and passwords in both data bases are identical and 2) that you define this user in the script schedule section of the FMS web interface.

Hope this is helpful for someone.

(see also here)

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FileMaker server A cannot send data directly to FileMaker server B. This is different behavior than a client connected to two files on different servers. 

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