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Would I dare to turn off, restoring points?

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I apologise in advance for not quite getting the correct forum to post in!!!! (could I urge the sysop to move it to a more convenient location, if need be?)

I have a "robot" running in a rented VPS instance, of 40G byte. The software running is a FileZilla and Filemaker only ... but I run into overflow situations - causing the FTP server can't offload the recieved data when approaching some 39G of usage. 

My questions is, does Bonjour eat up the space available or ... is FileZilla the culprit? Could it make sense to turn off the Windows servers creation of restoring points? - the scenario is following:

FTP server receives .json files, which the filemaker (client version) robot then digest while working up against a FMS deployed elsewhere. I'm aware that new and better techniques exists with the use of web hooks ... but this is a solution which is faded out of production soon. So it would only be in service a few more month, so the need to fix the problem by doing something else doesn't make much sense.  


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