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I need to track students' attendance at workshops. So, I have a Students file, a Workshops file, and a join file named Workshop_Enrollment. However, I need to make sure I have the specific date of the workshop and whether or not a student was absent, present, tardy, or dismissed. I have students going to different workshops on the same date and the workshops are held on many dates.

One of the items I will need to produce is a report identifying the name of the workshop with the list of students attending that workshop and if they were absent on each day the workshop was held.

I am not exactly sure how set up the files in order to produce this report. Help is greatly appreciated!

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Student file contains the student information (i.e. StudentName), Workshop contains the workshop information (i.e. WorkshopDate) and Workshop_Enrollment contains the information unique to a particular student in a particular workshop(i.e. Status) and may also contain calculations to display related data from the Student and/or Workshop tables.

Since you wanna display information from all three tables, you will most likely develope your reports in the Workshop_Enrollment db.

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This topic is 7881 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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