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Apple Modifier Postamble w/3800

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I'm wondering if anybody knows how to program an Apple "Command" as a postamble with the HHP (formerly Welch Allyn) 3800 series scanners. I can't find any reference to modifier keys in the manual.

I prefer this brand/model for asthetic reasons... the 3800i looks great with those iMacs!


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I found the answer to my problem so I will share it with you all...

In order to program the Apple modifier key in the 3800 series, you need to have a model with firmware version 5.x.x.x or higher (so it IS possible) Unfortunately, my 3800i is 3 years old and has so it will not be possible. :-(

On the plus side, I did learn from HHP Support that I can program an "Enter" key (not Return), which can act as a "continue" command for a running script. This will be helpful in some of my applications.

Despite the setback, I would like to mention that I am very happy with the product, the manual, and especially the support I have gotten from the company. Their response is always very fast, and they are more than happy to respond to inquiries by phone even up here in Canada! Not to mention the 6 "flavors" in which you can order the 3800i!

Their web site is http://www.hhp.com

Here in Canada, we sell the 3800i for about $399... so it would be about $249 in the US.


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Since my last post, I inquired with HHP about the possibility of upgrading the firmware in my hand scanner. To my surprise, they graciously offered to re-flash it. All I have to do is pay to ship it there. They will ship it back overnight!

Now more than ever I want to rant about this product and the people who support it.

The 3800i has been an awesome scanner for me (and it looks great next to any Mac!), and their support has been absolutely out of this world.

Here in Ontario I found it at Canadian Computer, http://www.canadiancomputer.com ... I'm sure there are lots of other places that could get it.




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This topic is 7860 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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