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Ideal Inventory Solution ?


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You guys are driving me mad !!

Any search to this forum or post I read makes me feel I'm wrong in the database I develop from two years...

My concern is about Inventory.

As it is built, my current Database use a single "PRODUCT BASE" for Product List and Inventory.

I read in different post that most of those who deal with inventory created 2 specific Database.

I must admit that this is the file that give me most concern, and that is why I never really made it work...

For the moment, the number of Products in stock is weak, but we planned to develop our company and need a real Inventory tool.

As this is my own business and that I personnaly develop this DB (at my lostime!!!), I would really appreciate any arguments on that matter (or maybe a alreadybuid cloned version), in order to...loose less time.

What could be the problem with it ?

Did some of you made it works like mine ?


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Are you only tracking the quantity in stock? If so, then a single database might be reasonable.

However, if you are tracking each receipt of inventory and each disposal of inventory... then presumably you will have more than one receipt and disposal of each product. Keeping them all in the same database means that your product info would be repeated. That's bad. Whenever you have a variable N of something per 1 of something else... you need two files, not one.

Do yourself a favor... go buy the Moyer/Bowers book "Advanced FileMaker Pro 5.5 Techniques for Developers"... it discusses relational design concepts... spend a weekend reading it and trying the examples they give... it'll save you weeks of heartache.


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This topic is 7863 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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