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Importing new records from mySQL via ODBC

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I've tried this post in another forum but got little response. Maybe I'll have more luck here.

I have a Filemaker database set up to mimic a mySQL database. In order to initially populate the FM db, I did File > Import Records > ODBC Source and grabbed everything from the mySQL db without a hitch.

Now I want to be able to use ScriptMaker to retrieve new records from the mySQL db from time to time (say, whenever the FM db is opened up). Executing the script when the file is opened is no problem.... importing the new records is!

I've set up a script that runs Execute SQL to select the data from mySQL and it appears to run ok except that none of the records are actually imported into the FM db. If I set up the script to run Import Records instead of Execuste SQL, I can import from only a file, not an ODBC source. Lastly, if I manually run Import Records > ODBC Source again, I get all of the records imported from mySQL again, not just the new ones.

I'm fairly new to FM so if I'm overlooking the obvious please let me know! But if you could help me out I would also appreciate it...



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I'm not too good with mySQL but I have an idea.

I would make a new table in your mySQL that is just all the new records thta need to be imported. Then have FM import that table (save the import and you can do it automaticly in a script.) and then some how get mysql to purge the new table for next time.

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This topic is 7864 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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