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validation difference in FMD


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I have a field which is validated with unique/not empty/ and custom message that says 'The field is empty or not unique. Proceed anyway?'. Because the validation is not strict, yes, not, and revert field buttons appear on the dialog box. This works fine in FM5, but when i bind the solution in FMD 5, i get the alert *only* with the Yes button. So i say yes to proceed, but the validation is not happy - i must enter a unique value. What's going on?

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I wonder if perhaps your problem may not relate to the fact that the solution is bound, but instead to a combination of access privileges and context dependencies.

Firstly, if the password that a file is opened with does not have the 'Override data entry warnings' privilege enabled, then the 'No' button will not appear on validation dialogs, regardless of the status of the 'Strict' option. So I'd be guessing that your runtime is set to open with a password without the 'Override' option?

Secondly, when a record is first created (ie before it is first 'committed' by exiting from it), there is nothing for a field to revert to. In this situation, the 'Revert' button does not appear on validation dialogs (and the 'Revert Record' command is also greyed out on the Record menu...).

So, on a new record, with a current password that doesn't have 'Override' access, you should expect to see validation dialogs with *only* one button (but it should say 'OK' rather than 'Yes'). This would occur irrespective of whether you are in a runtime or in FileMaker Pro itself.

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This topic is 7826 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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