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Import/Export Via Filemaker-Access ?

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Dear All,

IS Filemaker-Access compatible? ...CAn we import/export from Filemaker to Access database and from Access database to Filemaker?

I am new to this kind of Access-Filemaker?

CAn we open Access database with the same records from Filemaker files ...


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You can't do it directly, you have to first export from one program in a common format such as tab-delimited text. Then you import the text file. Or you can get really fancy and use ODBC or something... good luck.

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Hi there.

Well I've been dealing with this problem for a long time now and MAN - how I'm looking forward to an Open DB standard THAT WORKS.... frown.gif

If it's something you just have to do once then use the DBase format to share the tables/databases. It works very well and you get all the tabledefinitions transfered too.

If you want something more dynamically then I'll think the ODBC solutions is the best. Here is some of my experiences so far...:

FileMaker 2 Access:

The ODBC driver from FileMaker is not very flexible and FileMaker needs to be open for Access can read the database.

Access 2 FileMaker:

Since FileMaker cannot "link" to a table in Access you have to make an import instead - still using the ODBC driver. This means you have to make an "update-script" in FileMaker where you once again is importing the data from Access, but is not difficult.

In general I'll say that those two DB just doesn't like eachother smile.gif Just like Mac and PC's - so if you have any possibility to choose one or the other then do it grin.gif

If you have any ? with this pls. write me.

Best regards


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This topic is 7827 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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