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Aligning and space distribution techniques

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One thing I've always found troublesome and time consuming was making all my fields be align and have space distributed evenly.

Say I'm making a customer database that has 20 fields, mailing address, names, contact info and the like. Then have them all grouped in different areas (addresses all in one area, phone numbers in one) separated by horizontal lines or something like that.

To align them I'd use the T-square or the 'align by...' command, and use the same for distribution of space.

What I find is that when all the fields are eye-balled into place and you distribute the areas one by one, the spacing can but off by 1 pixel or 2 since the space between objects is averaged out. Sometimes its hard to notice, sometimes you have to try to tweak it by hand. As well,if you distribute with the labels selected too, it doesn't work since they are usually different heights, so you have to line them up by hand with fields.

I know I should use different methods, I have a feeling I'm doing this the wrong way. What do the GUI gurus do for this?

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Yes, but if you are using a grid, you don't really need to use the T-Square to align things. I realize this isn't perfect of course. That's why graphic designers need to have infinite patience. It's also why I don't consider myself to be graphically inclined by even the remotest stretch of the imagination.

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Thanks for the idea(s)...

I've always turn off object grids because I didn't like it, but I've been playing around with it a bit and its actully useful. You can also override it by holding down command (i think) which can free ya if you need it.

What I really want its a centering tool, that lets you center an object between the page margins.

*flash of light*

Just realized you can center object using the distribute space, if you put 2 of the same sized object on either side of the page (the left object must have its left side touching the left edge, the right must have its right edge on the margin) then do the distribute space command.

*end flash of light*

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This topic is 7802 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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