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Custom dialog boxes

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Is it possible to replace the dialog boxes that pop-up when deleting a record, or searching for records that aren't there, etc...?

I would especially like to replace the Delete record dialog. I know i can turn it off using the scripts, but i just want to replace it, and customize it to further dummy-proof my database.

There is a dialog box option in scriptmaker, but i can't quite get it figured out....any advice?

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There are two options:

1) "Set Error Capture (on)" when included at the beginning of a script surpresses stock error dialogs. In combination, "Status(CurrentError), the "Show Message" script step, and "Status(CurrentMessageChoice) fill in the gap. For instance, the following fragments of a find script demonstrate the use of all three:

Allow User Abort (off)

Set Error Capture (on)

Enter Find Mode (Pause)

Perform Find ()

If( Status(CurrentError) = 401)

Show Message("No records were found. Do you want to try again?") choices "YES","No"

If (Status(CurrentMessageChoice = 1)

Perform Script (this script)


Go to Layout(original layout)

End If

2) Same basic thing, but use a plug-in such as Troi Dialog for more extensive diaglog box options.


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To eliminate the dialog boxes, you MUST use a script to perform the operation. For instance, to eliminate the dialog box that comes with the delete record operation, you must create a "Delete Record" script and attach it to a button. The user must use your new "Delete Record" button instead of the pull down menu or Command-E (Cntl-E) to delete a record.

There is no other way to eliminate the stock dialogs.


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This topic is 7822 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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