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Hi! I'm new to using portals and I have a question. I've been reading many posts in this forum, but haven't found any that answer my question directly.

My problem is related to the number of rows in a portal. It seems I have to specify a finite number of rows in which to display related fields (I've always had the same confusion on how to handle repeating fields in this situation). But suppose in a one to many relationship, I don't know in advance how many related records there will be--it could be one or it could be twelve! If I have to put an upper limit on the number of rows to display in a portal--say I make it 10--then I won't see the last two related records. If I make it twelve, then what happens when there are fourteen related records? I can't know how many related records there might be in advance.

In otherwords, how can I display an undetermined number of related records in a portal? If I can't then what is my alternative? I'd prefer to not have to use sub-summary's because the records are not editable from a sub-summary field and the results must be sorted and previewed.

Isn't there a way to do this? A scrolling portal, if you will, that adapts it's length to the number of related records that it finds? Perhaps this can be scripted?

Thanks in advance.


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This topic is 7810 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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