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Hello, i'm somewhat new to relational design. I just got finished converting my flat database into a relational database

with four files, and yesterday I installed it on our small network. There are three Macs all running FMP

6.0v3, peer to peer networking.

The problem I ran into is that some of the related files were not automatically opening when a client was

doing an activity that required them. The primary files i 'Orders', and the major related file is 'Line Items'.

Line Items opens automatically, as desired, since the initial script requires it.

Occasionally the user makes a new Line Item which requires a price markup. If this is so, Line Items is supposed

to look up a value from related file Markup Table. At first, Markup Table was only referred to by Line Items, and this wasn't working on the

client side whatsoever. I added a script step when one of these special line items is created that will cause

the Orders file to set a global field to the value of a global within Markup Table, just to force Orders to open it.

This worked, but only if the Markup Table was open on the host machine before a client attempted it.

My solution was a new startup script which will force all the related files to open by reading in a global value friom them, and this works, however

two of the related files are rarely used, and it seems a waste of resources to have them open for each session.

Is there something I am doing incorrectly?

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This topic is 7811 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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