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Multiple Portals - Filtered?


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Sorry if this has already been covered.

I have a job tracking solution made up of 2 files: Jobs.fp5 and Job Tasks.fp5. Tasks for each job asks are marked as either active or inactive.

The files are related by job number. On one layout of the Job.fp5 file, a portal shows all tasks for the specific job number. This works fine, but I'd also like to create 2 other layouts in the Jobs.fp5 file - one with a portal that shows just active job tasks and another layout with a portal that shows just inactive job tasks

I assume I have to create 2 additional relationships between the 2 files and probably some fields, but don't how to go about it. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I think you have to create a concatenated field containing job number and status.

In the job tasks database you will have a calculation field:

calcStatus = jobNumber & jobStatus

it might look like 55555active for example.

in the jobs database you will have two new calculation fields, one for active and one for inactive. These will be the keys for a relationship.

calcActive = jobNumber & "active"

calcInactive = jobNumber & "inactive"

Then simply make a relationship to relate calcActive to jobTasks::calcStatus

And then one for calcInactive to jobTasks::calcStatus

The thing I'm not so sure on is the options you need to select to make a calculation work properly in a relationship. Stored? Unstored? Maybe someone else can remind me how this works?

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I tried what you suggested, but something isn't working. I have one job with 7 tasks (6 active & 1 inactive). When I set up a portal in the Jobs file using a relationship based soley on Job number, it shows all 7 tasks - as it should.

To show just active jobs, I created a calc field in the Jobs file named Tasks_Active

(=Job Number & "Active").

I then set up a calc field in the Job Tasks file named Task_State Calc (=Job Number & Task State).

Next, I created a new relationship in the Jobs file called Active Tasks based on the 2 newly created fields:

(Tasks_Active = :: Task_State Calc)

I then created a layout with a potal using the new relationship. The result is not 6 active tasks, but 7 tasks. And not 7 different tasks, but the same task listed 7 times!!

I tried the opposite (similar set up, but for inactive tasks). The result was even more surprising - it showed 2 tasks. Not different ones, but the same task twice!!!

I tried turning storage options on anf off, but that didn't seem to make a difference.

I'm baffled. Any ideas?

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This topic is 7809 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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