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Mac-Windows convertion problem


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Even not enthusiastic, I have to convert my FMP5 files from my iMac DV500 to a new Dell 4100 PC running Windows 2000, due to work demands.

Two of my files have come up as a mess on the PC, while working properly on the Mac. The one file is containing postal codes and has only four fields, the other has a lot more fields containing numbers. They are both relational files, the first to a contact base, and the other to a salary calculation base.

On the PC both files only show one field, and the content of this field is unrecongnizable. What is going on? Why do not these files behave like all the others I have converted to run on Windows 2000. So far the others seem to behave normally, but they to a certain extent need those messy files to show all information.

To assure you, I know how to convert the files for use on the PC, using the ending .FP5 after the file name.

What is the solution to this problem? As far as I have understood, this should not be a problem at all!

Hoping for some good answers out there!

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How were the files transferred from the Mac to the PC? My best guess is that the files were corrupted in the transfer. For instance, if you used a Zip disk, a disk error occurred or some file system corruption existed on the Mac side that didn't surface until you attempted the transfer.

On the Mac before transferring, I would:

1) Run Norton Utilities (or TechTool or Disk Warrior) to make sure some sort of disk corruption is not preventing correct identification of all the sectors in the extent of the file.

2) Recover each file, then save a compressed copy.


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This topic is 7813 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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