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Exporting from 5.0 to text to 3.0?


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It is necessary for me to take a perfectly lovely database from a FM 5 file down to a FM 3 file. The file contains a large number of records. Not all fields are filled in each record.

This is what I have managed thus far, in a nutshell:

Sorted the fields by name

Sorted the "move all" fields same

exported to text with tabs

attempted to import the fields into FM 3

When I open in FM 3, the fields and the imported information don't match, seems to be no obvious pattern to the mismatching. I have spent several hours already rebuilding the new database, making sure the fields and values and indexing are identical.

I am not a complete novice, but I am pretty new to the FileMaker scene. None of my co-workers, who have much more experience with this than I, have offered an easier solution.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Success! Dan, your solution worked!

Only one glitch and you may know how to solve it, as well.

All of the fields converted to text fields. Previously, a number of the fields were value lists and numbers, with a few calculations and summaries thrown in. This a glitch I can live with.......and fix.

Thanks, Dan! You have saved me a multitude of time and effort.

Jean Kirk

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This topic is 7440 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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