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exporting containers + image names


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Hi all,

I'm new to this list and a (newbie) user of FMP 4.0.

From a client I got his fmp database. In this database he made use of 3

containers where he put images (jpg/gif) in.

Now I want to export the whole thing to access or whatever. And you get it:

where are the container files?

I tried to automize a copy/paste action with a program called AutoIt, which

copys the fmp image to the clipboard, pastes it into an image viewer and

then stores it on my HD with a reference to the record number the image is

belonging to. This goes well, but sometimes, when an image is missing, fmp

shows only the error "can't find file name.jpg". Since this message is something I

cannot copy the whole thing goes wrong...

My Q's: is there someway I can see what the names of these images are within a given record so I

can copy this name and store/paste it in another db? (FMP shows the pictures

rather then giving me a name of the picture. When I remove the content map

where the pics are stored then fmp will show me the name of the picture:

"can't find file name.jpg", but this I cannot copy.)

Q: maybe some of you have better ideas about this exporting thing. Where to

find more info and so on.

Q: I even downloaded some demo-export script, but since i'm new to fmp this

doen't make much sense.

Thx to anybody giving me any info. I will keep you updated on my findings.


Wilbert Enserink

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Sorry, but you can't export contents of a container field. The one exception is if you're exporting to a FMP file, which is probably not what you want.

In version 5, the container field will show up on the list, but if you try to export it you'll get a message saying that container fields can't be exported.

The reason is that exports are to text-based files, and containers have graphics. I suggest getting the original graphic files (or as many as possible) rather than exporting graphics from FMP; you won't have any generational loss that way.

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This topic is 7404 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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