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layout problem

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I'm very new to Filemaker and more used to another database program so I'm having a difficult time making things work how I want it to.

The user enters in information through a form layout that had been previously created. I have created a layout/report which did work how I wanted it to. It listed an employee and a count of records related to that employee. It worked fine.

My problem is that when I go into the entry form layout and perform a find, when I go to the report that I had created, it doesn't work anymore (whether it is showing only the found set or all records). Only the grand total shows up. The subtotals for the subsummaries (grouped by employee) don't appear. However, a couple times, I had gone through and created another report with the exact same info, and the reports work again (including the one that refused to work earlier).

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?



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Hi legorli,

If your dB has been sorted on different fields or in a different sequence, or is unsorted (as in your case with a new found set), your report will be incorrect and not display properly.

You must be sure to sort your report in the same order that you have your summary report. Sort your report and then include that sort in your layout script so it always sorts correctly on switching to the report. smile.gif


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