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"Add to list"-problem... Newbie-question

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I have 2 files: a Member file and a Course file.

I also have a third file: Member_course, to match MemberID and CourseID in the two files.

I've made a layout for my course file where I register a new course, and there is also a portal showing all the members that have joined the course.

I have also added a field (popUp-list) connected to a ValueList. This valuelist is SUPPOSED TO only contain members who HAVE NOT joined the course yet (I have only managed to make it contain ALL members, but that is not very user friendly).

By selecting a member from the list, and then clicking my "Add member to course"-button, I add a new record in the Member_course-file.... BUT: How can I strip down my valueList so that it only contains members that have NOT joined the current course? When I add a member to the course, I want that member to immediately disappear from the popUp-list/valueList.

Another question: My Member_course-file has the following fields: MemberID and CourseID, and it should not be possible to add two identical records (I thought I would find a way to define a compound primary key for my file, but it seems to me like there is no primary key in FileMaker?:) How do I solve this?

thanks for your help


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Hi shmokk,

Certainly not a newbie question.

I had to use one of these setting once and got some great help from DJ with a file which I'm sure is called "ForUgo" and that you could find in the attachment section at the Entrance.

Now, here's an adaptation of Dj's solution, suiting your needs. Sure it"s not the crystal clear sampler.

(sampler deleted - see next post)

DJ, could you have a look at this too...


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Ok, here's a new release demo about what you're looking for.

The file to look at is the Group.fp5 which has a portal.

Related records in the Join file are created by a script in which also hold a sub-script "update" for the value list.

Now, from a little discussion with DJ, it seems that the update script could be avoided using the modification date for both "selected" and "non selected" VL.

Though, I didn't figured out how to make it work...


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