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Hi all,

I created a calc field to display the current record number of a found set.

I would like to use it on a layout to tell users what record they are browsing thru (kinda like the status area in FM).

Works just fine except when i sort in a different order or perform a find.

Then it display things like: Record 64 of 7 found or the numbers are not in sequence. I could be looking at record 4 then next record would display as 7 then 5 etc.

What am i doing wrong??

Thanks for your help.


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Your calc field is showing the record number in the context of the whole file, not the found set. What is the actual calculation you're using?

I've encountered this myself, and I end up having to use scripts to set field values rather than a calc (as in, put down a button for Next Record, but have it call a script that both moves ahead and resets the Current_Record field). But I'm going to lurk on this thread and see what more experienced users do.

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