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Invoice Report

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I need to create a report from my invoices. Each invoice is assigned to a sales lead. I need a report that list each lead and the sales generated. The catch is that I would like a total number for each product, the product name, and the total price for that product. The report may be generated for 5 invoices or 1000.

Example: (this may be the result of 40 different invoices)

Sales Lead "Trade Shows"

25 Software X $12,500

10 Software Y $ 5,000

15 Software Z $ 5,235

Total $22,735

Sales Lead "Direct Mailing"

17 Software X $ 8,500

5 Software Y $ 2,500

10 Software Z $ 3,490

Total $14,490


Thanks to any and all that may be able to help. Mike

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Wow, another my car is broken, how do I fix it question! wink.gif Some information on how you have organized your order file is needed. If orders are kept in a single file with repeating fields, you probably can't get what your want without extensive, complex scripting (read consultant). If orders are orgainized into an Order file and a related Items file, you will be able to generate your report easily from the Items file.

Sort your Items file by "Lead" then "Product" (first and second items on the sort list). Generate a report layout with subsummaries by "Lead" (first) and "Product" second. You will need two summary fields: one for Qty(SumOfQty) and one for Subtotal (SumOfSubtotal). Your report will be formatted as follows:


Subsummary by Lead (leading) - Related Lead Name field in this part.

Subsummary by Product - SumOfQty and SumOfSubtotal in this part.

Subsummary by Lead (trailing) - SumOfSubtotal in this part.

This will give you want, if you have a separate Items file. Otherwise, you'd better get some help. I could hardly describe the solutions for repeating fields in less than an hour. -bd

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This topic is 8049 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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