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Compiling a mailing list from search results?

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I've got a problem. I know the answer is right here in front of me but in my sick state I can't see it.

We've got a new database for manuscripts. The main database holds information about the manuscript, such as reference number and date submitted. The other database also holds a reference number (this is the relationship), as well as the author name and e-mail address.

Basically what we want to do is have all the e-mail addresses for a given reference number be sent an e-mail notification.

Any ideas? I know this is going to be a simple one (again) but I'm stumped. I've spent the last few hours poking through the archives on here, to no avail. Thanks much :( )

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Hi Darren,

If you want to send simpler emails (without bold, italic, headings etc.) to everyone in a found set, it's pretty easy to do using the Send Mail script-step in ScriptMaker miscellaneous section.

General process: You will script (from within your Main db), a Find to select the Reference # to work with, then use Go To Related to bring up your found set of related (child) records matching this reference number. Then loop through the found set and send your emails and then return to your Main db.

You can store your particular messages, subject lines etc. in global text fields which, when placed on a layout, allow Users to change the emails easily for future mailings. This eliminates the need to enter your script and change it within the Send Mail dialog box each time. Or you can have it open the dialog box (don

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This topic is 7583 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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