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combining two inventory templates


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I am trying to come up with a solution that will-

1.add and remove inventory via shipping and recieving

2.list the inventory all together so it can be viewed by sales before making a promise to a customer

3.allow the creation of an item (product catalog ID) without it having ever been entered into inventory before ust by typing it like any other inventory item.

I am trying to combine the "Inventory.FP5" template that came with Filemaker Developer to store the information for viewing and the "Sample Inventory Attachment" uploaded to the forum

#49882 - 11/08/02 08:34 AM to perform the calculations.

I have no doubt this can be done, I just dont know how or where to begin or end

I do know how to create relationships and portals, and I havn't develed into scripts much (I am an advanced newbie) but am not afraid to use scripts. What I don't know is what should be the parent file, what type of relationship to make, if I should use a portal, I understand the using of line items but I dont know how to set them up or use them.

Pretty much, what I am getting at is:

Can someone (or many people) tell me how to do this, I don't kneed my hand held, although I don't mind, but I do need detailed instructions like if I need to make a constant relationship, or if I want to check the "allow creation of records", etc. To sum it up, Im hoping that someone can provide me with detailed instructions and they dont have to worry that I will be more confused after their instructions and become dependant on their help to perform general tasks. Any input would be greatly appreciated and handsomely rewarded with much praise.

Oh Filemaker Gods I pray to thee!

In advance:

Thank you,



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Thank you for your input. I just noticed that you attached the solution working fully. Thank you so much for your help. I am trying to learn what you did because I didnt get the same results. Maybe Im more of a newbie than I thought.

Another question.

maybe this belongs in a new post or somewhere else, but:

how would I make the fields that I want to view for the sales page:


the fields instead be...

Product Description (example (1131-80))

R-0000# (R-8541)

LOT# (HHG02)

Units Of Measure (100ML)

Quantity On-Hand (30)

Approved By (persons initials)

Location (Check Box of 6 options)

Notes (text)

If you describe how to do this one time using the field name "generic" as an example I think I can figure out how to do it for each one of these fields.

thank you again.


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Attached is a possible solution that allows you to keep track of Lot Numbers in the same file. You may have to "hide" your other files, because Filemaker has a habit of sometimes grabbing files with the same name as the ones you used in your relationships.

There! That was confusing! What I am trying to say is that the attached zip file contains two files named, "Records In" and "Records Out", the same as the ones you are curently working with on your hard drive. When you open the Input file that is in the attached zip file, Filemaker *might* link it to the "Records In" and "Records Out" files on your hard drive, and not the ones in the zip file.


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To finish, here is a possible solution without the ability to track Lot Numbers. Between the two of them you will get a general idea of one way to skin this armadillo. In the scripts, you will find a lot of workarounds to keep track of the Lot Number. Ideally, multiply-occurring data should get its own file, but then you trade these workarounds for more files and relationships. For conceptual simplicity, I try to stay within two relationship-layers from the main user interface.


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This topic is 7560 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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