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I want to Network two MACS using one database??


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Hello, and thanks for helping,

I am new to networking Filemaker, and I have two MACS, that I want to Network using one SYSTEM that i have created.

So far there will be two main sides of this database.

Database/MAC TWO would access DATABase/MAC ONE only to bring up style numbers that the ONE database contains, and also for CONTACT info.

So far, i think that if I make the system Multi-User it might work, but can the One computer be inputting contacts and also the two computer be bringing up these contacts.

I just need to make only one MAIN CONTACTS file for multiple computers.

Is this possible?

Thank you for URGENT help!!!


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Hello Ami,

That is not quite how networking of databases normally works.

What would be more common would be to have both databases together on one workstation and then use the 'Open Remote...' command from within FileMaker on the other machine to log in to both the files. Once the files are open as host/client in this way, values can be transferred between the databases on either computer.

What you are talking about is also possible. That is to say you could have the two databases residing on different computers and each computer could be logged into the other as client so that each computer would be able to transfer values between the two databases (the local one and the remote one). In this scenario both workstations would be host and client simultaneously - host of one database and client of the other. Possible, but a little trickier to set up and perhaps apt to confuse the users.

In either case you need to set the same networking protocols for each computer (choosing one that is supporterd by your network), enable sharing (multi-user mode) for both files and then use the Open remote command to access the files over the network.

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This topic is 7559 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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