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Getting FM to create PDF files

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I'd like to be able to have a filemaker script save a filemaker report as a PDF file then email it as an attachment. I'm new to this PDF / Adobe Acrobat thing so I'm a little confused. How should I expect Filemaker to save a report as a PDF file? Is that what a "PDF writer" is for? What is a PDF writer? If I have a PDF writer on my machine does that mean that this will be one of the driver options on FM's print dialog? Where do I get a PDF writer for windows 98? I only see PDF writers available for NT and 95 on the internet.

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First to clarify, PDF files are not exported from FM. They are created by using Chooser to select a print driver that creates a .pdf file, instead of LaserWriter. PDF is really just a way of containerizing PostScript that is usually sent to the printer into a file which can then be read by another Adobe program - Acrobat Reader.

A neat shareware PDF print driver for the Mac is PrintToPDF (www.jwwalker.com). This driver allows a default folder to be designated for the file or one to be chosen by the operation when this print script is run. Selection of the PDF driver and return to LaserWriter can be done under FM script control including the appropriate AppleScript as a FM script step.


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This topic is 7873 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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