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Grabbing URLs from FileMaker - AltaVista Babelfish

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Hi Christian:

I have been looking for a way to extract information from the nfl.com website for use in a NFL matchup database that I made. For example, I would like to extract each team's standings statistics. I was copy/pasting the info into Excel and then importing/updating my database. But Excel likes to turn "2-1" into "Feb 1." Trust me, formatting the cells different doesn't help and I even have an open case with Microsoft because of this problem.

Anyways, This solution looks like what I need. But I know almost nothing of XML stylesheets and even less about PERL. You say in the file: "use some ready-made Perl modules from CPAN, sending the text in chunks to the cgi, then have the cgi assemble it into a POST request (setting the apropriate enviroment variables and/or cookies)" Where do I find more info on doing this because I don't know what this means.

Thanks for the help, and for posting this file!


PS: Is your picture that one monster from "Where the Wild Things Are" ?

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